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Forensic anthropology and archaeology in the news…and some strange stuff

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Interactive Palestinian theater or the weekly prescription of tear gas


Palestinian protester on the street:
“Why did chicken cross the road? Because it was tear-gased”


Flying checkpoints of the IDF ring the village (name omitted for security purposes)

International journalist is refused entry, even with the flashing of an Israeli press card.
Ambulance and camera crews are blocked from entering. The scene is electric, the international presence which successfully dodged the roadblock lingers around.

“I have a feeling something bad is going to happen.”

The ambulance and cameras get through 15 uneasy minutes later.

“The cavalry of the weak arrives”

Splinter of the group moves to the central part of the street, flanked by a hill to the west where half of the IDF force is located. Arguing ensues over the starting point of the play. Soldiers instruct the group to move back, while the other party points to the top of the hill.


“Go where you usually…

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Repressing the American Dream: Rural Villages as Retirement Communities for Young’uns

David Boles, Blogs

There’s a new living meme I’ve been closely watching as it achingly creeps into an everyday reality because of economic compression and the new relativism of the repression of the American Dream for a growing generation of born scavengers.

I’ve been cautiously observing the new momentum of young people moving out of big cities and into small, rural, villages — or their parent’s basement — where the rent is cheap, the food is affordable, and the quality of life is quiet and unsubstantial.

At a time when these young people should be at their maximum earning potential, they are instead in “retirement mode” and collecting welfare subsidies and banking the goodwill of the generation ahead of them.  When it comes time for them to pay back the deed, they will be able to do so because they were never in the earnings game in the first place.

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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

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Ideas of heaven

” My idea of heaven is filled with all the things I’d go to hell for.”